N.E.W.T. Freeware 1.0

List, turn on, turn off all PCs on your network

An invaluable freeware administrator tool, N.E.W.T. scans all remote networked machines on single or all domains and attempts to retrieve a wealth of detailed information. It shows this data in a spreadsheet-like format for a concise, overall view of your network.


  • Lists Machine Name, IP Address, CPU Mhz./Number of CPUs, Operating System & Service Pack Info, Date and Time, Uptime, MAC Address, User Name, Domain Name and Machine Comments
  • Export data to HTML, CSV (Comma Separated Value), and plain fixed-spaced text files
  • Sends popup messages to any or all remote NT machines
  • Pings computers by IP address
  • Reboot or shutdown remote machines with countdown and the ability to abort
  • Sort ascending or descending by any column
  • Columns can be moved and resized. Positions and sizes are saved at program exit
  • Requires no software agents installed on remote machines
  • No setup or installation required, simply extract and run the executable

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N.E.W.T. Freeware 1.0

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